Sell your iphone photos with Stockimo.

Sell your iPhone photos with the Stockimo app. Great prices for great pictures.

Stockimo is brought to you by Alamy, the world's largest stock photo agency.

More about Alamy

Alamy knows how to sell pictures; it's paid $140M to photographers since it began.

Any Questions?

Stockimo's an app for iPhone users who love to take photos and want to make some money.

Stock is short for Stock Photography, which is short for pictures that people buy to use in their adverts, books, magazines, brochures, posters, calendars, websites etc. Phew, no wonder it got shortened to stock. It has nothing to do with the stock exchange, stocks and shares, or chicken stock.

It's easy, you can upload images straight from your iPhone.

The app is compatible with iPhone iOS 6 and 7, so if you've got an iPhone 4 or above you'll be okay.

If you haven't, why not get a new phone ;-)?

Not yet, sorry Android users.

Yes, in fact, there's a special commission for contributors who were registered on Alamy before Stockimo launched.

We want cool images taken on your phone. What you take is up to you. We want you to shoot what you love and be as creative and adventurous as you like. We want interesting places and happenings; we want Stockimo users to document the world.

We don't want anything illegal or offensive (obviously).

Apple doesn't accept apps that contain photos that show nakedness so it's a big no-no.

When you upload your photos they're rated by our team of people from the photo industry, including buyers and sellers of photography.

Photos are rated out of 4. Photos are accepted if their average rating is above 2.

Photos that have inaccurate tags or illegal/offensive content will be rejected.

If your photos are accepted they go on sale right away. If one of your photos gets rejected, don’t be disheartened, shoot more photos and try again.

Photos with a rating of 2 or less out of 4 get rejected, we don't give an exact reason because more than one person rates your photos and we use your average score.

Please make sure you answer the questions about people and property correctly, because we'll also fail you for incorrect answers.

We don't currently tell you if this is why you've been rejected but we hope to introduce that in the future.

You took the photo so the copyright of the image is all yours. We just sell licenses of your photos for you.

No thanks, you'd be cheating, Stockimo is an app for mobile phone photography. But why not upload your camera shots through Alamy? Alamy loves images from DSLRs.

We'll sell your photos on Alamy and through its distribution network.

Alamy sells photos to anyone who needs them. Designers, advertisers, publishers, marketers, bloggers, broadcasters etc. So your photos could be used in a book, on a website, on TV, or on a calendar etc.

Alamy has sales offices in the UK, US, Australia and India and sells globally through and its network of distributors.

We're actually licensing an image for a customer to use, we call it 'selling' but the photo can be sold again and again. There's no limit on how many times a photo can be sold unless someone pays enough to stop others from buying it. This is rare but it does happen, so keep your fingers crossed.

All prices, it depends on the rights we're licensing - where it's used, how big, for how long etc.

You may make a sale for $5 or you may make a sale for $500 or sometimes even more. The average sale price on Alamy is around $90.

If you take advantage of the early bird offer and download the app we'll pay you 40% of each sale (In the future the standard deal will pay 20%).

The Stockimo app will tell you when you've made a sale. All payments will be made through PayPal, but if you don't have a PayPal account you can get one here.

We'll pay you monthly if you've made more than $10.

No. We want to sell your images everywhere and for everything.

A 'tag' is a searchable keyword, you need them because customers will use keywords to find your images. So if your photo is a dog on Miami beach, add the tags 'Miami' 'beach' 'dog' 'pet' 'Florida' etc.

It's not tagging people and it's not hashtagging #.

Commercial customers (advertisers and designers etc.) will want to use your photos to promote and market products and services. To do this, they need images where people or property owners have given permission for this to happen. On the Stockimo app you can indicate if you have that permission.

Editorial customers (magazine and book publishers, newspapers etc.) are using photos alongside articles or to tell a story. In most cases it isn't necessary for people in these images to give permission.

Customers will decide what permissions they need. With the information you provide we can give them the details they need to help make these decisions.

RF means Royalty Free and the customer can use the image again and again for different uses but only pays once. RM means Rights Managed and means the customer can only use the image for a specified use. These are license types used by the stock photo industry.

On Alamy, commercial images will be sold as RF and editorial images sold as RM.

If you really want to leave, email us at and we'll delete your account and remove your photos from Alamy and any other sales outlets. But remember: If you just delete the app from your phone and don't email us, your photos will stay on sale.